Planted, tended and harvested with care to be naturally delicious, nutritious and fresh.

Energise Super Mix

Delicious and versatile mix with distinctive and tasty Baby Red Kale, Baby Beet Leaves and Baby Spinach. Created to support your healthy and active lifestyle.

Irish leaves available from May to September.


Family Pack

Perfectly balanced flavours for the whole family to enjoy. A beautiful, mild and crunchy red and green batavia paired with subtle earthiness of red chard, and gentle spicy notes from rocket. Blas na hEireann Chefs Choice Award 2020 winner!

Irish leaves available from May to September.


Spinach Bag

Our unquestionable hero! This tender leaf is a carrier of so much goodness. It’s super versatile and can be enjoyed as is or stirred through hot dishes.

Irish leaves available from May to September.


Curly Kale

A well-known ‘superfood’, rich source of vitamins A, C, B6, K, folate, manganese, carotenoids, lutein, and so much more – that’s why it’s often called a superfood!

Irish leaves available from June to March.

Pak Choi

Also known as bok choy or pok choi, this delicate cabbage variety from China is traditionally used in stir-fries, but it’s blending so well in Irish cuisine and rapidly becoming one of the most often used leafy greens in our households.

Irish Pak Choi is available from March to December.

Organic Spinach Leaves

Sustainably sourced Certified Organic Spinach.

Irish-grown organic spinach is available as of  July 2022 with the season lasting until September.


Rocket Leaves

Also known as Roquette, Arugula and Rucola. It has distinctive leaf shape and wonderful spicy notes.

Irish leaves available from May to September.



Homegrown is where our heart is. So for nearly 40 years we’ve been growing our leaves and herbs in Ireland. In County Meath to be precise.
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