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We were always passionate about growing what traditionally had been imported into Ireland. With over 30 years of experience working with the foodservice industry, we can provide a wide selection of produce to suit all your catering needs.

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Every year, we welcome chefs and other foodservice professionals to our farm and offer a first-hand learning opportunity. See where the quality comes from, how we achieve the shortest possible farm-to-fork journey, how we work with the environment, and quite simply – why our leaves taste so good and last so long!
Learn all of this and more on a farm tour tailored to you and your group.
Apply below with a range of suitable dates and the size of the group. We look forward to meeting you on our farm.

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The quality of all the produce surpasses what we are getting directly from the ground around us. That is because McCormack Family focus on growing the best Irish product possible.

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We are widely available from distributors across the Island of Ireland.

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We are the leading Irish grower of baby salad leaves and
specialists in microgreens, fresh herbs and edible

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Homegrown is where our heart is. So for nearly 40 years we’ve been growing our leaves and herbs in Ireland. In County Meath to be precise.

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Food Services F.A.Q

Below are the most common questions we get asked.

No, but we work with most fresh produce distributors in Ireland and Northern Ireland, which guarantees nationwide coverage and efficient deliveries. Check our food service distributor index.

Yes, we are always happy to share our passion with foodservice professionals! Please contact us to make an appointment.

Yes, please contact us and let us know what products are of interest and we will be delighted to send you samples.

No, not all of them. Our microgreens and edible flowers are grown in a glasshouse, so they are available all year round from our farm. Irish season for herbs and baby leaves lasts from April to September and we are continuously working on extending the season. When out of season, we use our growing expertise to source the very best leaves from a handful of long term partners in warmer countries, mainly in Italy and Spain.