Homegrown is where our heart is

We're helping to reduce food miles by cutting down on imports as well as bringing you leaves and herbs fresh from Ireland’s natural soil.

McCormack Family

The McCormack’s have been growing crops on our family farm since 1984. We love what we do and we’re passionate about combining the time-honoured values of traditional farming with the latest innovations in horticulture to bring the finest, freshest leaves and herbs to your table.

We’re also passionate about caring for the planet. Unwashed leaves and herbs mean little or no water wasted. Homegrown keeps food miles to a minimum. So does growing what others import. And to top it all we also work hard to make our growing season as long and as productive as possible, reducing the need to transport out-of-season produce from overseas.

Each year we work hard on extending our growing season so, unlike many of our competitors, we import only when necessary.

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From providing good quality jobs to supporting local GAA clubs, community groups, charities and schools we’re delighted to support the community that has been our family home for almost 40 years.


To deliver the best of both worlds, McCormack Family Farms combine traditional farming methods with the latest AgriTech innovations.

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McCormack Family Farms field of spinach


We’re constantly looking at new ways to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our packaging. For example, last year we worked closely with our suppliers and using the latest technology cut our use of plastic by 16 tonnes, simply by reducing the thickness of the film we use. We have recently started using punnets made from recycled and recyclable plastic. This means we are now saving 2.6 million plastic bottles from ending up in Irish landfill and save 58 tonnes in CO2 emissions annually. And because we paired with Irish supplier, we also support more local jobs, too! We’ll continue to innovate, using fresh ideas to be ever more environmentally friendly.

Our salads come in two formats - traditional bag and a small punnet. The punnet protects leaves during the shopping trip, is easier to stack in the fridge and helps the leaves last longer - any moisture in the pack that would normally reduce shelf life is separated from the leaf and drips on to the outer sleeve. No more soggy or damaged salads!