Unwashed for an honest leaf

Honest to the goodness that nature provides

To help preserve their honest to goodness freshness and flavour, our leaves and herbs are unwashed. Untainted by harsh chlorine, they not only taste better, they’re better for you too.

And, as well as being unwashed, they are harvested and bagged with the minimum of handling. It all saves precious time and ensures our delicate leaves and herbs stay naturally fresher and are more flavoursome for longer.

Just as important, the process also saves precious natural resources, like water. It saves electricity too. And of course, homegrown means fewer food miles, making McCormack Family Farms leaves and herbs good for the planet as well as good for you.

Discover our fresh leaves and herbs

Enjoy our leaves fresh and unwashed, straight from our farm to your fork.

Sustainably grown in Ireland

Homegrown is where our heart is, helping to reduce harmful food miles by cutting down on imports as well as bringing you leaves and herbs fresh from Ireland’s natural soil.

Sustainably Grown in Ireland