Tradition meets technology. Naturally.

To deliver the best of both worlds, McCormack Family Farms combine traditional farming methods with the latest AgriTech innovations. For example, we use sensors, satellite systems and other smart technology to help us farm better and reduce the environmental impact. It is also used to monitor our crops. It means we can pinpoint exactly when our leaves and herbs reach the peak of perfection and harvest them at their freshest and most flavoursome. Simpler perhaps, but no less effective, we cover the ground with reusable netting so we can start growing our produce early in the year without the need to use artificial and less environmentally friendly solutions.

Inevitably the Irish climate means we can’t grow all year round. So we work with like-minded farmers in warmer countries; farmers who we know and trust to deliver produce that meets our own high standards. And we bring those leaves in directly from the farms, using the shortest route possible, maximising the freshness while keeping food miles to a minimum.


Each year we work hard on extending our growing season so, unlike many of our competitors, we import only when necessary.

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