HPP (High Pressure Processing) – The Science and the Benefits!

Here at McCormack Farms, we ensure that all of our produce is as nutritious and delicious as possible. We know our baby leaf produce is as good as it gets but how can we ensure that it is still delicious and rich in nutrients as a juice? Hence after a lot of research and trials, we know that HPP (High Pressure Processing) is the only method we should use for our juices!

Most commercially available juices are heat pasteurised – this is when the juices are heated and held at significantly high temperatures, greater than 70⁰C! It’s hard to imagine how a person could survive in that heat, never mind all the microscopic heat sensitive micro-nutrients (vitamins & minerals) and flavour compounds! This is why people often notice a considerable taste difference between freshly squeezed orange juice and store-bought juice.


However, what’s even more concerning than the taste difference, is the devastating effects that heat  pasteurisation has on the nutrients!

Unfortunately most people don’t realise that most juices that have been pasteurised have a massively reduced micronutrient content. For example, Vitamin C is exceptionally heat sensitive. We carried out a test to determine the vitamin C difference in pasteurised and HPP’d Apple & Spinach Juice. The results showed that the HPP’d juice contained more than a staggering six times Vitamin C when compared to the pasteurised juice.

So why process at all? Why not leave the juice fresh? Unfortunately this is not as feasible as we would like. The nutrients in the juice wouldn’t stay stable, so the juice wouldn’t be as nutritious as possible, which is our aim here at the farm. Also, unprocessed micronutrients react quite quickly with oxygen, so once you open the bottle, you would have to drink it as quickly as possible!images

Thus, all McCormack’s exceptionally nutritious and raw juices are high pressure processed (HPP). A very technical term for a relatively new process that only involves water and pressure. Our high pressure process uses cold water and pressure (500mPa) for sixty seconds. That’s it, but it’s all that’s needed to kill any potential pathogens in the juice and preserve all the nutrients for an impressive thirty days. Also by using HPP, the addition of preservatives or flavourings is eliminated resulting in our exceptionally fresh tasting juice that has nothing added to it other than raw fruit and vegetables!