Hail Stones Shred Spinach!

Tuesday was a tough day at the office, usually hail stones beating off the roof draws ooohs and aahs but not when horticulture is your business. The hail stones were dropping with such force that they hopped 3-4 inches back up from the hard tarmacadam outside my window.20150521_101045

Unfortunately our baby spinach leaves are not as resilient and the result was not good. As you can see from the images, the hail ripped holes through the tender leaves we had sown over 6 weeks previous. These fully mature leaves will have no time to recover from this and cannot be sold to food service or retail.
The effect of a shower like this is that our Irish supply of baby leaf Spinach is wiped out for this weekend.


Luckily the hail did not reach every field and we will be back on track from Monday! The Spinach that was hit has been ploughed back into the fields and we will start again.


We decided to write this short piece to explain to consumers the perils of growing in Ireland, where a simple hail shower can have such detrimental effects. So if you see non-Irish salad leaves at times over the summer please know that we are doing our best to provide you with the freshest Irish leaves all of the time….but sometimes Mother Nature has other plans!!