Meet our growers

Every member of our team understands the craft that goes into growing only the finest quality produce, everytime!

When we first began growing on the McCormack Family Farm way back in 1984, we started with just half a hectare of outdoor growing‚ a small area of land that today has risen to the point where the company is now producing over 200 hectares of crop per year! Also located on the farm is 1 hectare of glasshouse for potted herbs and 1 hectare of polytunnel for growing herbs.

There are four main growers at the farm—Edward, Stephen, Janusz and Pat.

Owner and founder of the McCormack Family Farm, Edward has over 30 years experience in growing and sales.

Stephen attended Warrenstown Horticultural College from 1988 to 1991 where he graduated with a degree in Horticulture. Since then Eddie and Stephen have worked tirelessly to drive the family business forward through the introduction of improved and modern growing and farming practices through Stephen’s role as Growing Manager and Managing Director.

Janusz is our Field Manager. He completed an Agricultural Machinery course in school and followed this by attending Agricultural College for 4 years in his home country of Poland.

After college, from 1995 to 2007 Janusz worked on his family farm in Poland, growing vegetables including carrots, cabbage, cucumber, onion and tomatoes.

Janusz has worked with McCormack Farms since 2007. His responsibilities have been growing baby leaf and herb products—all outdoors in our fields. Janusz’s reason for starting agricultural is that it is in his blood, his family were all farmers.

Pat is our Glasshouse Manager. He began working for Uniplumo in Swords in 1988. He worked there for 15 years growing mostly house plants. He also studied propagation, fertiliser use and growing expertise.

Pat then moved to Germany where he worked with Andreee in Dusseldorf. He was production manager for young plants—propagation of potted herbs was his main focus.

Pat then returned home to work for Tully Nurseries where he was nursery manager for nearly 4 years growing shrubs and trees (hardy nursery stock).

From 2008 to 2011 Pat was nursery production manager with Long Life Plants where he managed the growing of potted herbs for major retail customers.

By the time Pat joined McCormack Farms in 2011, he was a vastly experienced grower and has been Growing Manager for potted herbs, micro leaf production and some outdoor herb growth (under covers) such as coriander for us since. Pat has 26 years’ experience in the industry growing a variety of plant types and it is fair to say growing is his passion!

All of our growers look after and care for a wide variety of produce, using natural light, natural soil and generations of growing pride! We provide to both the retail and the Food Service sectors and our range of leaf includes; Baby Leaf Spinach, Rocket, Kale, Bullsblood, Mizuna, Micro Leaves, Pak Choi, Pea Shoots, Red Chard, Watercress and a full range of culinary herbs including; Basil, Coriander, Parsley, Mint, etc.

We hope you enjoy our nutritional salad leaves and herbs as much as we love growing them.